"New York, New York"

Whilst in New York, visiting some work shops, I took some photos. Not all of them were uploaded and none of them were saved in their original format. These are what is left.

A lone flower at ground zero.

"What are you looking for?"

Photo of Scott.

Photo of Cat.

I wish I had the original file for this photo, I still really like it.

Likely Scott's favorite part of the trip, Nintendo World.

Watch shop.

"Yeah, just keep your hand there." I had a shot where his face was in focus, but it was deleted unfortunately.

It always surprises me how many people are alone in parks.

Or on their laptops.

All I remember is that I got a little lost while taking this photo.

Used to have this amazing little case for my camera, maybe I left it in that room.

A man, slowed by time. He didn't mind me taking this photo and nodded to me after.

In times of great sadness, I go digging for this photo.