"Here's to the crazy ones"

These were from one of the earlier rolls of film I made, I still have tons of rolls laying around that I never did anything with. I suppose it would be fun to go back and take a peak.

I remember that my family had dressed nicely for some occasion and wanted to take a photo, I argued them down as to not take it with their phones.

Photo of Amy and Sydney.

I've only really had the desire to take shots of the moon once. I didn't have the capabilities at the time in order to get detail of the moon itself though, so I had to wait for a cloudy night.

For this one and the next two, I was with my father, on and traveling to mountains.

There was this long drive way, I remember walking up and down it several times, with this building being my main interest.

There was this massive drop, with a lone tree at the clearing.


Right around when he was getting fat.

I was always very much fascinated by human interaction. This was taken at Holden Beach, under the main bridge.

"Where's Pete?"