The Silent One

I am... the silent one -

Sitting in a corner, watching those around me interact with one another, attempting to see just how the world works. I like that position, in the back, against a wall. It's comfortable.

Although, for just as many reasons, I enjoy being in the middle of that chaos with my camera, documenting the human experience and breaking through my comfort zone like a fish out of water. It’s a deadly thrill, it risks who I am. Or rather, it breaks the mold.

For this reason I believe I have a unique perspective worth sharing. My only hope is that someone will see that perspective, that they will see something within my photographs that they simply cannot explain. Be it the light, the angle of the photo, or a smile resting off of a long life. Maybe in the off chance that they need it. Who knows? But if paintings can save people, so can photographs. I just want to be somebody's center, for one moment.

Owen Kingsley Photography is a local photography business founded in Chatham, Virginia on the idea and principles of pure photography in realistic settings. I hope to capture the very essence of people and their relationships in my photographs. If that can be done, there is nothing more for me to do.

- Owen Kingsley Lane

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